Frida Soerensen

Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

In short:

My goal is to help you build a strong basis for self-care so you have the resources to keep overwhelm in check and burn-out at bay. We will create personalised mindfulness and meditation practices that will allow you to meet challenges in your business and in life with greater resilience, focus & calm. We will do this through a combination of coaching, mentoring and skill building as well as ensuring that you have the necessary encouragement and accountability to maintain these new practices as you go.

The real reason.

— Why

Women are much more prone to stress than men and higher numbers of women reporting burn out, mental health issues and overwhelm than their male counter parts.

You might have come into the entrepreneurial space to bring your own unique value and vision into to world. To be in charge of your own time, be living with purpose, with more balance and flexibility.

However, having your own business often just means you’re wearing ALL the hats ALL the time and with everything else going on there’s often very little room for meeting our own needs and self-care.

You might find yourself so consumed with working towards goals and making it work that stress and burn out creep up without noticing until it’s there.

Short term it’s possible to keep running on the initial energy of stress and anxiety, however long term our health and wellbeing suffer which in turn might put a complete halt to the business and anything else that’s important to us.

I believe it IS possible to actively follow our passions, grow our businesses, whilst maintaining a high level of well-being. To do this we need to understand that our health and well-being is our BIGGEST asset that all of our successes hinge on, so we need to fight for it as fiercely as we fight to achieve our goals and our dreams.

— What

What you can do is build effective habits and practices that allow you to recharge your health and well-being on a daily basis so that stress and overwhelm does not build up and you keep burn-out at bay.

By having daily self- care routines and mindfulness practices in place that are tailored to you, you will not have to think about what you are doing to mitigate for busy and stressful times, you are just doing it. You will have a varied toolkit of practices and techniques so you can immediately pull out what you need when the situation arises.

You will have solid mindfulness and meditation practices in place to help you maintain a clear, focused and calm state of mind.

You will have effective ways to relax and release tension in the body so you allow the body the time to rest and regenerate its systems and boost your immunity to mental stress.

You will develop effective techniques to support your emotional well-being and allow you to deal with life’s ups and downs in a more patient, mindful and compassionate way.

This program will enable you to support others in your workplace, and other people in your life, as you’ll find that you naturally lead with greater mindfulness and presence.

— How

The way this changed in my life was by making self-care, meditation and yoga practices non-negotiables. My philosophy is to start small and then consistently build a stronger more robust practice by being kind and patient with yourself, and curious about your experiences as you develop.The techniques, tools and practices I will share with you have been tried and tested by beloved teachers and leaders in the field of modern mindfulness, meditation, psychology and yoga. Together we will tailor highly personalised routines and practices so you “practice everyday no matter what” in the words of beloved teacher Tara Brach. Allowing you to create the kind of resilience, well-being and work life balance that truly supports you.

2. What can I expect from the call?

We’re going to be doing a thorough exploration around your health and well-being and how stress and anxiety are currently impacting your business and life. If we’re both clear on what’s going on for you, we can advance and begin looking at your goals. If we determine that working together is the best next step for achieving your goals and solving your main challenges, we can discuss this here. If it ends up not being the right fit, we can discuss the right course of action for you and I can help direct you to the suitable resources.

3. Who is Frida Soerensen?

Having worked in social work for nearly 10 years, I suffered from chronic anxiety and near burn-out myself whilst supporting colleagues and clients through crisis, stress and mental health challenges. I realised that I would not be able to continue doing meaningful work if I didn’t start prioritising my own health and well-being. So I sought out practices that would help me develop mental, emotional, physical & spiritual resilience and found powerful and transformational allies in yoga, meditation & mindfulness.

My own work life balance, well-being and ability to prioritise self-care started to make great gains. I even gained enough energy to start a Mindfulness Program for staff. Yet I continued to see managers, supervisors, CEO’s modelling the same kind of unhealthy work behaviours of my past to their own detriment as well as the organisations’. So I made the most important decision in my life, to share the tools and practices that have allowed me to live with more calm, purpose and resilience.

I’m privileged to be helping others transform their hectic lifestyles that has become our cultural norm, to one of more balance and calm. Where they can actively pursue their careers, whilst honoring the other aspects of life: their relationships, health and the things that bring them joy.

Frida Soerensen has a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Human Services through La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia and is a professional meditation teacher and graduate of the Australian Centre for Meditation & Mindfulness. She also has over 10 years of personal yoga and meditation practice.